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I have taken the backgrounds off so my dad could print these pages out..they will be back up soon.
The Green Berets
 "De Oppresso Liber"
(To Free the Oppressed)
This page is dedicated to my Dad.  His loyalty, dedication and his courage has made me very proud of him.  I hope this page shows him just how proud I am of him.   
These pages may take awhile to load to due the graphics on the page.  They are worth waiting for, so  go get a cup of coffee, a pop or a beer while they are loading. 
The Ballad Of the Green Beret
                                   by Barry Sadler
Fighting soldiers from the sky, 
Fearless men who jump and die, 
Men who mean just what they say 
The brave men of the Green Beret. 
Silver wings upon their chests, 
These are men, America's best, 
One hundred men we'll test today, 
But only three win the Green Beret.
Trained to live off nature's land, 
Trained in combat, hand to hand, 
Men who fight by night and day, 
Courage take from the Green Beret. 
Silver wings upon their chests, 
These are men, America's best, 
Men who mean just what they say, 
The brave men of the Green Beret. 
Back at home a young wife waits, 
Her Green Beret has met his fate, 
He has died for those oppressed, 
Leaving her this last request: 
Put silver wings on my son's chest, 
Make him one of America's best, 
He'll be a man they'll test one day, 
Have him win the Green Beret.
I know that in the past it seems that  I did not always care about what you did or  believe in what you did, but I hope this page lets you know you were totally wrong.  I remember in NH when I wrote that paper for college on amnesty seeing the tears in your eyes as you read it,  the look of shock when you were finished and said "you didn't  write this!!"  Pride filtered through your eyes when I told you I had and you asked me if you could keep a copy of it.  What a wonderful warm feeling flowed through me that day.   Then you told me parts about your  experience in Viet Nam, things you had never told before, things I know my brothers had asked and you had clammed up, preferring to share them with only  other SF friends.  You would always say no one can understand unless they  were there. You never had given us the chance to try to understand. All we knew, was you were hardly ever home, and when you were,  you seemed so unresponsive to us.  It was not easy being a military brat then, but I do not regret it, I think it was a valuable lesson in life, taught us to be flexible and  to cope with many things that so many today can't cope with. It taught us to endure.  It gave us inner strength and faith.  The night that you told me those things,  I began to understand what was going on in your mind appreciate what you  had been through, to feel the pain of reliving  some of it.  I finally could see why many  times it seemed you put us off to help a  fellow "green beret".  Dad just know that  through everything...our disagreements  (which were many) , and our good times  I have  ALWAYS been proud of you.  I hope  you have always felt that pride.  I do have to add that you should be proud of Mom though.   Mom had much strength and courage through those times and helped us kids get through it.  Well i can't speak for the others, but I know she sure helped me get through those times.  I am very thankful she is my mom as well as my best friend.  Make sure you tell her you love her dad.
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Ranger Bob's
Ron Fleischer
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